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Title Ringing Hyowon’s Bell facebooktwitter
Writer Admin Date 2013.06.14 Visit 4680
The name of the bell, 'Bell of Hyowon', was decided by reflecting citizens' opinions. The name contains the wish that it will work as a focal point on which citizens can have consensus by embodying the image of advanced citizenship, while it serves to help Suwon citizens develop filial piety and cooperate one another. On the front side of the bell, symbols of the city like ginkgo, royal azalea, and pigeon, etc. and major cultural properties of the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress including the Hwahongmun gate are engraved. It is a big bell of 2.15 m in diameter, 3.54 m in height, and 3,300 gwan (12.5 ton) in weight.
  • Opening days : all year around
  • Opening hours : Summer(Mar.~Oct.)09:00~18:00 / Winter(Nov.~Feb.)09:00~17:00
  • Place : The top of Mt. Paldal(Near by Seojangdae)
  • Price : 1~2persons 1,000won(1 round 3 times) / 3~4persons 2,000won(1 round 3 times)
    ※ The first hit: wish of parents' health / The second hit: wish of family members' health / The third hit: wish of my





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