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Hwaseomun Gate, Suwon


Treasure No. 403 (designated on September 3, 1964)
Hwaseomun is one of the four main gates of Hwaseong Fortress. It was built between July 21, 1795, and January 8, 1796, during the 19th year of King
Jeongjo’s reign, as the path leading to Namyangman Bay and the West Coast and has survived intact to the present day. The intactness of the gate led it to be designated as Treasure No. 403. The inscriptions on the frame hung on the wall were handwritten by Chae Je-gong, the first governor of Hwaseong. A section of the stone wall on the left of the arched gate inside the reinforced position contains the names of the workers and the foreman who carried out the work.

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