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Hwaseong Temporary Palace

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  • Hwa Seong Haeng Gung

  • Hwa Seong Haeng Gung, the Nation's Historic Site No. 478, was completed in the east area of Paldal Mountain after the establishment in Shineupchi, Suwon in 1789 (Year 13 of King Jeongjo).

    The establishment was used as the administration building for Suwon and the Haeng Gung or the King's 'away palace'. And, Hwa Seong Haeng Gung was extended during the Hwa Seong's castle establishment period continued from 1794 to 1796 (Year 18 ~ 20 of King Jeongjo) for the final completion. King Jeongjo had a great deal of love for his father, Prince Jang Heon (Sado Seja), so that he paid 13 visits to his father's grave, Hyeonryungwon (currently called Yungreung). And whenever the King visited his father's grave, he stayed at Hwa Seong Haeng Gung.

    When established, the palace was consisted of 600 or more rooms in a formation of the formal palace in the largest scale with beautiful structures. However, during the Japanese ruling period, the palace was disappeared except Nakanmheon only as a part of the cultural annihilation policy of the Japanese administration. Around the end of 1980's, after a series of consistent and active movements by the restoration promotion committed formed by the local citizens having the cause, the restoration construction was initiated in 1996, and Hwa Seong Haeng Gung became opened to the public on the completion of the 1st phase of the restoration in October, 2003.

    ○ Opening Hours
        Summer Season (March ~ October) : 09:00 ~ 18:00
        Winter Season (November ~ February) : 09:00 ~ 17:00
    ○ Closing Day : None
    ○ Contact No. : +82-31-290-3600

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