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Title Jangyongyeong Guards Ceremony facebooktwitter
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You can watch military training of courageous soldiers of the Jangyongyeong, royal guards of King Jeongjo, the 22nd king of the Joseon dynasty. You can also meet the person who performs as King Jeongjo. The ceremony is the Suwon city-specific cultural commodity symbolizing Suwon, time-honored city.
  • Opening days : Sunday(Apr.~Oct.) Suspended
  • Opening hours : 14:00
  • Place : Sinpungru, Hwaseong Haenggung(Temporary Palace)
  • Price : Free
  • Contents : Military etiquette ceremony, suwi ceremony, photo time with King Jeongjo, etc.
Procedure of Jangyongyeong Guards Ceremony
Procedure of Jangyongyeong Guards Ceremony
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개식타고 1. Gesik Tago(Drum-Beating to Open the Ceremony)
Procedure that announces the beginning of the suwi ceremony. (Beating the big drum 6 times)
장용영군사 입장 2. Entry of Jangyongyeong soldiers
Jangyongyeong soldiers leave Namgunyeong for Suwi ceremony.
초엄 3. Choeom
The procedure where Jangyongyeong soldiers are ready for suwi disposition to keep the fortress gate, following the order of Seonjeongwan.
중엄 4.Jungeom
The procedure where the general of Jangyongyeong gives suwi order to his soldiers.
삼엄 5. Sameom
The procedure where Byeongjo Panseo (Defence Minister) sends down the royal order to Jangyongyeong soldiers.
장용영군사 입장 6. Entry of Jangyongyeong soldiers
Jochongsu, or rifle shooter, gungsu, or archer. enter for military training.
개문의식 7. Door-opening ceremony
Door-opening ceremony.
국왕행차 8. Visit of the king
King Jeongjo visits the camp to watch military training.
금엄 9. Geumeom
The procedure where, after the gate is opened, all the people are checked and controlled.
상기례 10. Sanggirae(Flag-Rising ceremony)
Military etiquette procedure where soldiers of each military camp raise the camp flag to report to the king that they attend the training.
군례훈련(명령하달) 11. Military etiquette training -1 (giving order)
Giving order - the ceremony where the general of Jangyongyeong orders his soldiers to be mentally alert.
군례훈련(조총수 시범) 12. Military etiquette training -2 (demonstration of jochongsu)
Jochong shooting demonstration of jochongsu.
군례훈련(궁수수 시범) 13. Military etiquette training -3 (demonstration of gungsu)
Archery demonstration of gungsu.
국왕치하 14. Praise of the king
The ceremony where, after the training, the king praise soldiers.
국왕환궁 15. The king's returning to the palace
The ceremony where the king returns to the palace after watching the training. (The king steps down from the Sinpungru and goes back to the palace)
폐문의식 16. Gate-closing
After the king returns to the palace, the fortress gate is closed.
하기례 17. Hagirae(Flag-lowering ceremony)
When the military training is over, the raised flag is lowered, and is returned to the camp.
헤엄의식 18. Heeom ceremony
The ceremony where, after finishing all the procedures of the event, Jangyongyeong soldiers end all dispositions, and gather together.
예필 장용영군사 퇴장 19. Yepil
Walking out of Jangyongyeong soldiers.




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