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Book Culture Project
Suwon continues to search for and support a variety of cultural and art programs involving books. The city provides the latest information for local children and adolescents with a well thought out collection of books in each subject area, the Book Request service, etc., and carries out a societal role as a hub for cultural refinement and a center of information culture for local residents. It also looks to transform the library into a depository of knowledge that helps children and young people...

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Production of Planned Performances
Suwon is appointing distinguished foreign and domestic artists to develop distinct performance content and to host high-quality performance sessions. With the capacity to plan advanced programs, the city hopes to showcase outstanding shows, stimulate interest in performance venues, and to offer more opportunities for the people to enjoy cultural performances.

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Support Creative Production of Cultural and Art Co...
Suwon has a stable support structure to facilitate the production of creative works from cultural performers, artists, and related organizations. This helps develop culture/art and stimulate creative activities. Suwon Culture and Art Development Fund Project A signature project of “cultural city” Suwon, supports the creative works of local cultural performers and artists across a variety of genres Supporting Culture and Art of All Forms A project that gives professional artists a ...

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Culture and Art Policy - Suwon Culture Dodam Dodam
The city of Suwon hopes to communicate with artists on a regular basis and discuss the status of culture and arts in Suwon, to help establish an effective support system and strengthen the capacity of Suwon’s culture and arts community. To do so, it will gather the opinions of cultural performers and artists in the Suwon area and establish consumer-oriented policies that support culture and art. Moreover, the city will seek out the future direction in which the culture and arts scene in Su...

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Promoting Civic Culture
Suwon supports its citizens from a number of different angles so they can become the principal agent of the city’s culture, and it creates a cultural ecosystem that can help people enjoy and produce art in everyday life. Culture and Art at Your Doorstep - Visiting Culture Service A project that plans community-oriented cultural events at community-friendly spaces for community members, increases the number of people who can enjoy the benefits of cultural activities, and provides opport...

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Space Regeneration Project
Suwon is regenerating space in its old town center and traditional markets using cultural and artistic elements. Local residents and cultural performers/artists come together for a number of different projects, or shop owners at traditional markets collaborate with resident artists to create a business platform and carry out various cultural activities e.g. experience-based events.

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Culture and Art Education Support Program
Suwon develops, operates, and supports diverse cultural and arts education programs for citizens, artists, art instructors, as well as people marginalized from cultural programs. In doing so, the city stimulates creative imagination and boosts the number of those with access to culture and arts. • Citizen Culture and Art Education Suwon runs an integrated culture and arts education program tailored to Suwon citizens, adolescents, children, etc. based on the vision of, “Culture and...

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