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  • Beautiful Palace Walkway

  • The Exquisite Haenggung Street

    The Haenggung Street extends form Hwaseong Temporary Palace to Paldalmun for approximately 420m and consists of about 20 Haenggung Street art workshops as well as about 50 Haenggung Street food villages.
    Unique and individualistic facades of stores are located within this Haenggung Street and these stores express their uniqueness through their store signs, art-machines, roof tile mural, seven treasure mural among others. Furthermore, the artful mural and roads of optical illusion stop the visitors for another look.
    On weekends, ‘Beautiful Haenggung Street festival’ is held in cooperation with local area based organizations such as workshops, food villages, hanganjimo as well as local citizens in providing hands-on experience opportunities in crafts, food tasting corner, other food related events and also provide various performances. In particular, mind enhancing participation program is held where local citizens and visitors participate together. In the area, wish trees, mural, Hanji Jangseung and other various art pieces area located throughout the street.
    Through these efforts. Haenggung Street produces its own contents as well as to continue its efforts in revitalizing the societal·spatial city revitalization, increase in tourism for Suwon Hwaseong as well as to positively impact the local economy.

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