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I like to welcome netizens visiting
Suwon Cultural Foundation.

Suwon City is a city holding incompatibles cultural growth conditions, such as globally famous culture and tourism resources, convenient and fast information infras and highly leveled civic consciousness, compared to any places. Based on wishes and dreams from such advantages, Suwon Cultural Foundation was reborn in January, 2012.

The best compatibility for culture comes from the human.
And, Suwon Cultural Foundation pursues a human centric cultural city.
Therefore, the foundation desires for the human cooperation for the high dignity and the beauty and wants to perform the emotional role to nurture and develop the culture through creative cultural activities.

The ultimate goal aimed by our foundation is not on making the culture as a leader, but in the realization of the active culture and art with which anyone can display their imaginations and sensibilities to satisfy their own cultural desires.

Only preparing and effort making persons can make their dreams come true.
Based on the citizen's high cultural level, Haeng Gung Gil became the craft shop gathering place, and the residency creation activity and Village Renaissance Project were initiated. Such scenes represent the preparation and the effort as well as the valuable outcome of our Suwon in changing its shape from a growth oriented city to a human centric cultural city.

Suwon Cultural Foundation wants to make beautiful works joining with local people and artists and to share freedom without any threshold beyond discriminations and boundaries.
The foundation will lead the step with open heart to build the cultural city of Suwon where people grows together.

Also, the foundation promises to make its full effort to spread aroma of the culture and art widely among people.

Yeom, Tae Yeong (President, Suwon Cultural Foundation)

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