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Suwon Culture Night 2019

Suwon Cultural Heritage Night 2020

Take a journey through the night and learn the history of Suwon! Suwon Culture Night. Home to UNESCO World Heritage, Suwon. Suwon will host again this year Suwon Culture Night, an opportunity for everyone to take a journey through the night in Suwon and learn the city’s history. The organizers are expected to adorn the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, widely regarded as a masterpiece in fortress wall building, and Hwaseong Haenggung Temporary Palace with media art that will look particularly beautiful under the shimmering lights in the evening, and offer visitors a chance to experience the history and culture of Suwon with eight evening activities and cultural features along the twisting and turning footpaths along the fortress walls. So, please come along and join the Suwon Culture Night for a special night that features Suwon’s best cultural assets .

Period October 23(Fri) ~ 25(Sun), 2020
Place Hwaseong Haenggung(Temporary Place) and the surrounding area
Key programs

Special evening shows, media art, evening performances, etc.

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