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Suwon cultural foundation


  • Suwon cultural foundation is one of the most notable cultural organizations representing Suwon. The CI symbol is the most important element which expresses a Hwaseong North West fortress protection wall form of ideology and spirit of the cultural foundation in its efforts at continued communication with its citizens via cultural arts activities (supporting cultural businesses and cultural arts education businesses).
  • The form of a wide open door carries a meaning of participation and enjoyment of citizens from lateral relationship, creativity and communication of cultural arts, natural beauty representing Suwon-si, the ‘brilliant culture’ within the same, the bright light of future shining on the culture of Suwon-si, the strong flow of cultural wave that is not stagnant and serving as a connecting link and vital gateway between the capital and the regional areas’ cultural arts as well as taking on a role as a pioneer in spreading the new wave of the culture to the outside.
  • Suwon cultural foundation
  • Form : Global cultural heritage Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Global Suwon Light Color : The bright light of future shining on the culture of Suwon-si Typography : The clean and sophisticated image of Suwon Color Pattern : The natural beauty representing Suwon-si and the ‘brilliant culture’ within the same Gate : Citizen participation and enjoyment and the “creativity and communication” of culture Wave Line : Strong flow of cultural wave


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