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Culture and Art Education Support Program


Suwon develops, operates, and supports diverse cultural and arts education programs for citizens, artists, art instructors, as well as people marginalized from cultural programs. In doing so, the city stimulates creative imagination and boosts the number of those with access to culture and arts.

• Citizen Culture and Art Education
Suwon runs an integrated culture and arts education program tailored to Suwon citizens, adolescents, children, etc. based on the vision of, “Culture and Art Education for Me, You, and Us."

• Culture and Art Education at Your Doorstep
Suwon offers its citizens equal opportunity to enjoy culture and artistic programs by providing customized cultural arts education and experience programs at local public organizations and including people marginalized from cultural content in Suwon.

• Citizen Participation Art Education Project
An experience program in which the participant plays a central role and provides a variety of artistic experiences for Suwon citizens and tourists

• Professional Artist Education and Training
A social capacity building program for professional artists and culture/art program producers, art instructors in Suwon. It shares information and technology, provides an opportunity to establish networks, promotes communication to facilitate the better performance, planning, and teaching of creative art-related content

• Research Group for the Development of Culture and Art Pedagogy Techniques
A support program that promotes the development of local culture and art pedagogy techniques to diversify the perspectives used in art education, establish culture and art education networks, and improve teaching capacity

• Suwon SK Artrium Performance Art Education
A program that uses a variety of performance art as subjects to provide education on culture and art. It features the “Five Senses School” that stimulates the five senses to help develop sensitivity and creativity towards art. The project also includes classes and performances tailored to different age groups to offer entertaining cultural and art experiences

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