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Support Creative Production of Cultural and Art Content


Suwon has a stable support structure to facilitate the production of creative works from cultural performers, artists, and related organizations. This helps develop culture/art and stimulate creative activities.

Suwon Culture and Art Development Fund Project
A signature project of “cultural city” Suwon, supports the creative works of local cultural performers and artists across a variety of genres

Supporting Culture and Art of All Forms
A project that gives professional artists a platform for stable creative activities and supports a variety of culture and art activities by other everyday artists

Our Neighborhood Art Project
A program that supports community art projects. Features artists and local residents to help create a community culture that loves art.

Up-and-coming Artist Support Project
A support project aimed at seeking out up-and-coming, promising artists to grow with the Suwon Cultural Foundation. The project selects new artists in visual art and performance art, and offers well-organized, continued support to help them grow together with SWCF.

Modern and Contemporary Cultural Resource Discovery Project
A project that selects one cultural performer or artist each year who left an indelible mark in 20th century modern and contemporary art. The artist must have been either born in Suwon or had worked in Suwon. For each artist, the city publishes a review, holds exhibition/performance to showcase their work.

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