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Book Culture Project


Suwon continues to search for and support a variety of cultural and art programs involving books. The city provides the latest information for local children and adolescents with a well thought out collection of books in each subject area, the Book Request service, etc., and carries out a societal role as a hub for cultural refinement and a center of information culture for local residents. It also looks to transform the library into a depository of knowledge that helps children and young people open up future possibilities by providing high-quality reading related cultural services.

The Book Start Project
A social child development program based on the slogan, “Let’s begin our lives with books” to encourage babies and their parents to form richer relationships, and to help babies grow up healthier by reading books.

Lifelong Reading Culture Education Program
A program that features various reading programs aimed at promoting a culture of reading among local children and adolescents, e.g. a reading culture program, winter/summer vacation program, library week (April), family month (May), reading month (September), year-end events, etc.

Local Community Immersion Project
A project that promotes reading by utilizing volunteer activists to build a community culture with libraries at the core, facilitating bulk borrowing services for cooperating organizations, and using mobile library services, etc. to ensure no area is marginalized from the city’s library services.

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