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Title 2016 The Year for Visiting Suwon Hwaseong facebooktwitter
Writer 관리자 Date 2016.01.01 Visit 3585
Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is rated as an unrivaled architectural work, the integration of 18th century science, architecture and arts. Year 2016 is the 220th anniversary of the completion of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. In commemoration of this joyful year, Suwon City and its 1,250, 000 citizens would like to welcome you, by designating 2016 as 「The Year for Visiting Suwon Hwaseong 」, so that more local and foreign tourists can stop by Hwaseong Fortress. See, feel, taste and enjoy Suwon!
  • Opening Ceremony
    *Period : January 20(Wed) ~ 22(Fri), 2016
    *Location : Suwon Gymnasium, etc.
    *Details : Conference, Opening Ceremony, live broadcast of TV special celebration, etc.
  • KBS Open Music Concert
    *Period : 18:00, April 23(Thu), 2016
    *Location : Hwaseong Temporary Palace square
    *Details : invitational performances by famous local and foreign singers.
  • ASIA Model Festival in Suwon
    *Period : May 2016 (3 days)
    *Location : Suwon Gymnasium, Sports Complex
    *Details : model contest, award ceremony, celebration performances etc.
  • 2016 Suwon Theatre Festival
    *Period : May 5(Thu) ~ 8(Sun), 2016
    *Location : Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Entire Region around Suwon City
    *Details : Overseas and local invitational artworks&contest artworks,college drama festival, drama script reading events, etc.
  • Suwon  K-POP Super Concert
    *Period : June, 2016(twice during 2 days)
    *Location : Suwon World Cup stadium
    *Details : K-POP concert
  • 2016 Suwon International Music Festival
    *Period : August 20(Sat) ~ 27(Sat), 2016
    *Location : Entire Region aroundSuwon City including Suwon SK Artrium, 1stSuwon Outdoor Concert Hall, etc
    *Details : Famous local and foreign artists’ invitational performances, master class, fringe festival, etc.
  • Creative Korean traditional music opera performance
    *Period : August, 2016
    *Location : Suwon Hwaseong Temporary Palace
    *Details : Fusion Korean traditional music opera performance, etc.
  • Suwon Ballet Festival
    *Period : August, 2016
    *Location : 1st Suwon Outdoor Concert Hall
    *Details : Sleeping Beauty, ballet “SHIM Chung”, Ballerino from Outer Space, etc.
  • Gwanggyo Lake Park Jazz Festival
    *Period : September, 2016
    *Location : Gwanggayo Lake Park outdoor stage
    *Details : famous local nd foreign Jazz artists performance, etc.
  • The 53rd Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival
    *Period : October, 2016
    *Location : Hwaseong Temporary Palace, Suwon Stream, etc
    *Details : King Jeonjo’s royal trip, nighttime martial art performance, Queen Hong’s celebration party, etc.

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