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Title Traditional Art Performance - HAEHOO facebooktwitter
Writer 재단관리자 Date 2017.09.28 Visit 1581

In March 1776, King Yeongjo died after reigning 52 years, prince's first son Yi San who was a regent at that time, became the 22nd King of Joseon, and he soon became King Jeongjo. At the same time as King Jeongjo, the king announces that he is the son of the Prince Sado. This stimulates the forces of the Noron(old doctrine), and Crown Princess Hong, the mother of King Jeongjo, is worried about the runaway King Jeongjo. He became a king and he was threatened by life. Because Crown Princess Hong`s family was involved in the assassination attempt of King Jeongjo, it was bloodshed once. Crown Princess Hong intercede for the life of her last brother to King Jeongjo, however, King Jeongjo rejected the request of Crown Princess Hong who had been ignorant of the life of his father, Prince Sado, in 1762(year of Im-oh). As a result, the conflict between Crown Princess Hong and King Jeongjo Great King is deepened. As opposed to the assassination attempt, he relocates the tomb of the Prince Sado to a Hwasan and dreams of a second leap by constructing a Hwaseong in Suwon. On the other hand, Crown Princess Hong constantly avoid the demand of the King Jeongjo, that opening his 60th birthday festival(JinChanYeon) at the BongSuDang, for the reason of the lying in a sickbed and the saving of the royal family. She is tempted to go to Hyun Rung Won with the tomb of the Prince Sado. After entering the 10th-year-old palace and marrying, according to the wishes of the family, Crown Princess Hong, who was walking a different path from Prince Sado, but in her heart, compassion and love for Prince Sado remained. In front of such a Crown Princess Hong, Prince Sado appears and handles the reconciliation. Like a blossom red apricots in a frozen heart, Crown Princess Hong announces presence 60th birthday festival(JinChanYeon) to the King Jeongjo and goes on to EulMyoWon with him. As a result, the relationship between King Jeongjo and Crown Princess Hong who had been frozen due to misunderstanding and conflict in each other's mind is restored, then, they start a festival(JinChanYeon) to pray for long life of Crown Princess Hong.

○ 2017 Arts Council Korea Committee for Local Brand of Traditional Arts Regular performance Contest Selection
○ Traditional art fusion and composite poles of Memory of the World Wonhaeng eulmyojeongri eugye
○ Suwon Folk Arts Center BongSuDang attached to Suwon Cultural Center 《Enjoy of Long Life》 expansion story
○ Suwon Hwaseong Hanggung night performance for regional performance brand activation
○ The story of forgiveness and reconciliation through unexpected encounters with roots, family, and father


  • Date: October 7(Sat) to October 14(Sat), 2017
  • Time: 7:30 pm on weekdays / 4:00 pm on weekends and holidays
  • Place: BongSuDang in Suwon Hwaseong Hanggung
  • Host: Suwon Cultural Center
  • Superviser: Suwon Fork Arts attached to Suwon Cultural Center
  • Sponsorship: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Arts Council, Suwon, Suwon Cultural Foundation Cooperation: Art Company Ye-gi, Kwon Won-tae tightrope Preservation Society, Bongsan Mask Dance Preservation Society, Suwon City Taekwondo Demonstration Team
  • Price: 20,000 won
  • Age: 7 years and over
  • Concert Tickets: Interpark (1544-1555) ticket / on-site purchase
  • Contact: Suwon Cultural Center 031-244-2161~3



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