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Title The “Closer with Art” project to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic facebooktwitter
Writer 수원문화재단 Date 2020.04.06 Visit 836

The Suwon Cultural Foundation is hosting the “Closer with Art” program to give the people of Suwon and the local culture/art professionals negatively affected and much inconvenienced by the COVID-19 pandemic a chance to add some energy and fun back into their lives.
Suwon residents can enjoy culture and art without direct contact with other people, and artists can work with the Foundation to perform their art safely.
Let’s all work a little harder to beat COVID-19!

“1st Row Balcony” Concert
During the afternoon hours of the 24th, residents at the Gwanggyo Doosan We’ve apartment complex in Suwon were treated to the beautiful melodies played by a 13-person orchestra. The performance was part of the “1st Row Balcony” Concert project, which was designed to inject some energy and joy into the lives of locals exhausted from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and practicing social distancing measures over the past few months.
When the “1st Row Balcony” Concert got under way, a large number of residents opened their balcony windows to enjoy the performance and gave the orchestra a round of applause when they finished their performance. Under social distancing guidelines, the musicians featured in the “1st Row Balcony” Concert and the audience kept a safe distance from each other and everyone was required to wear a mask.
Moving forward, several teams will visit apartment complexes across Suwon as part of the “1st Row Balcony” Concert.

Making cotton masks featuring the Suwoni mascot
MCOVID-19 is turning “masks” into daily essentials. Suwon is offering a program to invite Suwon citizens to make fabric (cotton) masks featuring Suwon’s official city mascot, the “Suwoni.” In May, the city is working with the Suwon Youth Culture Center as part of the pilot project. Suwon expects to start accepting applications from the public in June.
The program will also be conducted as a non-face-to-face program, and the mask making kits will be delivered to each applicant’s home. Making instructions will be posted online on Suwon City’s official YouTube channel.

Children’s Library book reservation and loaning service
The Children’s Library, which had closed to enforce social distancing guidelines, is now open again! Three children’s libraries - Seulgisaem, Jihyesaem, Bareunsaem - will now offer book reservation and loaning services for children. Users can reserve a book to read through the Suwon City Library website or app, then pick it up at their library of choice between 13:00 and 17:00 from Tuesday to Saturday each week (at the library entrance).


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