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-2024 Suwon Hwaseong Media Art-
Public Recruitment for Artists for the International Artists' Media Art Exhibition
The "Suwon Hwaseong Media Art " is a Cultural Heritage Administration contest project that has been promoted since 2021. It applies various media and digital technologies to national heritage to widely promote the value of the national heritage and to suggest new ways to enjoy the national heritage through a nighttime tourism program.

As we welcome the fourth season, "Suwon Hwaseong Media Art " is recruiting artists to participate in the "International Artists' Media Art Exhibition." We invite foreign artists to present original and creative works related to the Republic of Korea. We look forward to your interest and participation.

01. 2024 Suwon Hwaseong Media Art Overview

수원화성 미디어아트 개요
<2024 Suwon Hwaseong Media Art> Overview
  • Date : September 28, 2024 (Saturday) to October 20, 2024 (Sunday)
  • Location : Hwaseomun, Janganmun and Jangan Park
  • Theme : “Mancheonmyeongwol(萬川明月)”; King Jeongjo's Dream, Becoming the Light' Season 4 Suwon Hwaseong Hwarak (The Harmony Of Suwon)
  • Programs: Media art Hwaseomun, Janganmun (Media Facade), Media Park (Exhibition of media art by domestic emerging artists and international artists, Media Walk), Local linkage programs, ICT Convergence programs, etc.

02. Public Recruitment Overview

  • Recruitment Title: 2024 Suwon Hwaseong Media Art - Public Recruitment for Artists for the International Artists' Media Art Exhibition
  • Period: March 25, 2024 (Monday) to June 14, 2024 (Friday) (Based on Korean Time)
  • Category: Projection Mapping
  • Eligibility: Foreign artists(individuals or teams) active in projection mapping-based activities
    ※ Refer to the detailed qualifications for applicants
  • Number of Works: A total of 10 works
  • Exhibition Location: The walls of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress in Jangan Park
    ※ The exhibition location is subject to change depending on circumstances.(Please find attached file)

03. Eligibility and How to Apply

  • Eligibility
    수원화성 미디어아트 참여자격
    Categories Details
    Eligibility (Mandatory)
    • Artists of non-Korean nationality who are active in South Korea or abroad
    • Projection mapping-based activity artists (individuals or teams)
      - If participating as a team, it should consist of no more than 3 members, with one representative artist to apply
    • Individuals who can communicate in Korean or English
    • Those who have held at least one solo exhibition or participated in three or more group exhibitions
      - Activity experience includes university projects
      - For team projects, proof is based on the representative artist’s activity experience
    Exclusion Criteria
    • Individuals or groups selected for other local government national heritage media art support projects
      - 6 local governments (Gangneung, Goheung, Gongju, Buyeo, Iksan, Jinju)
  • How to Apply : Submit via email (
    수원화성 미디어아트 참여방법
    Categories Details
    Submission Period
    • From April 15, 2024 (Monday) to June 14, 2024 (Friday) by 17:00 (Based on Korean Time)
    Required Documents (Mandatory)
    • 1 application form: Specified format
    • Submission work file specifications
      - Duration: 90sec. to 180sec. max
      - Aspect Ratio: 1920 × 1080
      - Frame: 30fps
      - File Type: MP4(H264) or MOV(within 2GB)
      - Audio : included in the video content
    • 1 artist portfolio: Free format (within 500MB)
    • 1 consent form for the collection, use, and provision of personal information
    • Foreigner verification documents: For foreigners residing in Korea (alien registration card), For foreigners residing abroad (copy of passport)
    Important Notes
    • Failure to submit the required documents will result in disqualification, so applicants must check for completeness.
    • Applications not submitted within the deadline (Based on Korean Time) will not be recognized.

04. Support Details

  • Production Cost
    수원화성 미디어아트 지원내용
    Categories Number of People Support Amount Remarks
    1st prize 2 $ 3,000
    • Systems will be provided separately(e.g., projectors)
    • Payment after tax deduction through an artist contract
    • For foreign artists residing in Korea, the production cost will be paid in KRW according to the exchange rate on the payment date
    2nd prize 3 $ 2,500
    3rd prize 5 $ 2,000
  • Promotion: Creation and support of promotional materials online and offline (press releases, SNS, etc.)
  • Award of a certificate in the name of the chairman of the Suwon Cultural Foundation

05. Schedule

  • Announcement Period: March 25, 2024 (Monday) to June 14, 2024 (Friday)
  • Submission Period: April 15, 2024 (Monday) to June 14, 2024 (Friday) by 17:00
  • Review Date: June 19, 2024 (Wednesday)
  • Announcement of Results: June 21, 2024 (Friday) / Suwon Cultural Foundation website (
    ※ Schedule is based on Korean Time and is subject to change according to circumstances.

06. Obligations of Selected Applicants

  • Must complete video production by the agreed date and content with the foundation before 2024 Suwon Hwaseong Media Art.
  • Consent and cooperate for the use of the selected artist's profile, work-related images, etc., in press releases, SNS, various print materials, promotional videos, etc.

07. Important Notes

  • The work must not have issues regarding copyright or other intellectual property rights, including audio, images, and effects.
  • Works that reveal religious or political inclinations will not be selected.
  • The foundation is not responsible for problems arising from not adhering to the specified standards in the announcement.
  • The production cost will be decided through a review, and details related to the review will not be disclosed.
  • For foreign nationals residing in Korea holding F-2, F-5, F-6 visas, artist employment insurance premiums will be deducted before payment, in addition to taxes.
  • The foundation is responsible for the exhibition and operation of the work, so all costs other than the production cost (accommodation, living expenses, etc.) are not supported.
  • The proposed work can be excluded from the review process and, even if selected, can be canceled and the project budget recovered in the following cases
    - If false or fictitious documents are submitted
    - If someone else's idea or program is plagiarized or misappropriated(All legal responsibilities arising from plagiarism or misappropriation lie with the submitter.)
    - If it deviates from the competition theme or the scale of the project is not appropriate
    - If conflicts among group members are severe enough to hinder the smooth execution of the project

08. Inquiries

  • Suwon Cultural Foundation, Tourism Business Department, Tourism Development Team (
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