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Usage information

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List of cautions during your stay

  • 1. Check-in time is from 3pm and check-out time is by 11am
  • 2. Reservations cannot be taken between the hours of 10pm to 9am the next morning
  • 3. Please return the key to the front desk at check-out
  • 4. No pets of hazardous items will be allowed in the hostel
  • 5. Smoking and drinking are prohibited inside the building
  • 6. Disposable toiletry items are provided
  • 7. Food from outside as well as delivery services are prohibited
  • 8. Exceeding the maximum occupancy will result in extra charge
       (10,000won per each adult and 5,000won per each preschool child)
  • 9. Cancellation fee for canceled reservation will be in accordance with the terms of stay
  • 10. The hotel cannot take responsibility for a loss arising from misplaced cash and valuables which were not entrusted
          at the front desk

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