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1st Suwon Outdoor Concert Hall

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  • 1st Suwon Outdoor Concert Hall

  • The First Suwon Outdoor Concert Venue, the Grand Prize winner of 1966 Korean Architecture Award, is located in Ingye Art Park across the street from Gyeongi Cultural Center. The venue is structured under the beautifully shaped tent type roof by the design of reinterpretation of the Suwon Hwa Seong so that dynamic and fully volumed looks are formed depending on the viewing angle. The outdoor venue produces high quality sounds competible to any indoor concert facility, and the wide lawn can hold abound 10,000 audiences. Therefore, the venue fully serves as a beloved outdoor resting area for Suwon citizens.

    The foundation is now making efforts to confirm the venue as the cultural facility familar to citizens by providing many opened learning opportunities with culture classes using a part of the venue and by planing programs for high quality performances.

    ○ Facility Information
        Ground Level : Chorus Practice Room,
        Machine Room, Electricity Room, Air Conditioning, Heating
        and Air Control Room, Resting Area
        The First Floor : Orchestra Practice Room, Instrument
        Room, Air Control Room, General Practice Room,
        Make-up Room, VIP Room, Sound Room, Lighting Room,
        Stage, Foundation Office, Management Office,
        Night Duty Room, Restroom
        The Second Floor : 6 Practice Rooms (Part Practice Rooms)
        The Third Floor : Two Conductor Rooms, Office,
        Music Score Room, Simple Kitchen
        Miscellaneous Facility : Water Fountain, Pond, Lawn
    ○ Contact No. : +82-31-238-5740

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